Monday, December 12, 2011

Lovely and heart touching

I was thrilled with a chance to review a copy of Delvier Me and started reading it the day I got the book. I wasn't disappointed. Even though I was able to connect to a lot of the people sharing because I was a teen mom (unplanned) myself, I also found myself relating to the women helping these girls. I have had a desire to reach out myself and this book really fed that down the road dream.

The book is a compilation of true stories and I actually enjoyed reading them as they were submitted because it showed things in a real way. Sometimes, we can "fix" or "gloss" things up with editing and a sense of the way things were can be lost.
Deliver Me shared story after story (along with interesting statistics) of stories starting in desperation and ending in peace.

I do believe this book would be a valuable read for someone facing an unplanned pregnancy and for anyone working with women in such positions.

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The book was sent to me at no charge for me to review in return. I was so glad to have been given this chance!

Monday, July 11, 2011

iShine Bible for Tweens

iShine Bible for Tweens Review

This was a real hit with my 10 year old niece. I know she was a bit young but she was going through a rough time and needed real hope. This Bible was a great gift!

It is filled with helpful highlights to draw the reader in and guide her through the Word in an easy to read in a really pretty format.

One of my favorite features was a VIP style of sharing truth for a girl's Value, Identity and Purpose. The few I read through sounded very appealing for girls from around 10 to 12 and maybe a year or two older. There were topics to look up on things of interest and of concern for a girl of these ages and much more. I was very impressed with this from the time I opened it and with every page and detail I flipped to before wrapping it up for my niece. She LOVED it!

I think it would be a lovely gift to give any girl of the intended age group!

This Bible was sent to me by Tyndale House publishing at no charge for a review and I am so glad they did! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Measure of Mercy by Lauraine Snelling

I have been a fan of Lauraine Snellings since someone gave me a copy of Sophie's Dilemma some time ago. I ended up starting from the beginning and have now read a total of eight of the same author's books!
I read the Red River set and the above mentioned book and the latest is the present review.

This book did not disappoint and I found myself wanting to read more and I hope to eventually read every one I can.

A Measure of Mercy starts out on the growing community called Blessing set in North Dakota in 1903. The characters from past books are blended in but one can read this book easily even if it is a first read in any of the series.

Astrid Bjorklund is eighteen and studying to be a doctor and faces many life forming decisions. The book chronicles her thinking process as well as her medical practice and perspectives and plots from many other characters keeps the reader busy.

My favorite part is reading about the many meals prepared, work done each day and relationships lived out. The best part though is the biblical truths penned so smoothly in and not preached or lectured on.

Great book!

Bethany House publishers sent me this book at my request and at no charge and I agreed to review it after reading.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul

I am learning to love books written around Christmas time. There is something so welcoming when one reads of snow drifts, crackling fires and warm receptions, I guess.

This book was a lovely gift from the first view. The cover invited me in from the start and I felt whisked away into the plot immediately.

It was like reading a happy Christmas movie instead of watching it and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. There is a sparkling ribbon of romance flowing through the pages. Glimpses of various characters offered a sense of community and sparked a desire to reach more closely into my own.
I might tie a pretty bow around it and offer as a present to someone needing to read through a place where not everything has to be commonplace.

I was given this book by WATER BROOK publishing company to review at no cost to me.