Monday, October 12, 2009

A Slow Burn Book Review

A Slow Burn Book Two

Mary DeMuth
Copyright © by Mary E. DeMuth

This is the second in a trilogy about 13 - year old Daisy, who was murdered in the first book, Daisy Chain.
This book takes you through angry, un-swept, tear wet pathways of redemption.
Forgiveness and life change are definite themes throughout the book.

Emory, Daisy’s mother is the main focus and a much greater understanding of who she is gets explained. For me, she went from a distant neighbor to more of a woman needing a friend stronger than her sins.
She battles drug addiction, guilt and her fair share of anger and she also relives a lot of memories of growing up.
Hixon, a favorite of mine from the start really shines in this book. The way he loves, his devotion to God even when no one was looking and the fruit of the Lord’s Spirit in his life was wonderful.
Many others are seen more clearly this time around and Jed Pepper’s mother Ouisie shows more power than the first time around. Speaking of Jed, I welcomed him with “open arms” when he shows up.

One thing I noticed in all of those who made up this story is how not one of them are all good guys or all bad guys. They all do good and bad . . . just like those of us who walk outside the pages of a book.

The book is fiction but there is truth found nestled in places. Like a place where Hixon reflects on a time God gave him words for a troubled teen he took in and loved.

“He’s an orphan.
He is wounded. All he knows is self- protection. All he knows how to do is push back. He cannot trust on his own. Your love must come longer and stronger than his resistance.”

Dealing with hurting souls myself (haven't we all experienced hurt within?) and being connected with others who do the same makes counsel like this stand out. Shine through.

My favorite part of the book is when Ouisie comes over to help Emory clean. There was something comforting about the scrubbing, creating order and making the rented house more a home. It touched me to picture two women with their own burdens and breakings, working together.

I will be glad to finally have things revealed in the last book and look forward to reading it and finding out who the main characters will be!

Sandy W.

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