Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's Your Kid not a gerbil by Dr. Kevin Leman

"Every sacrifice you make now will pay dividends both now and down the road. That's because a child's positive self-image, view of the world, concept of faith, and sense of security are all formed by spending time with parents in a loving environment." Dr. Kevin Leman

No pressure or anything. :)
This book had some good points and I underlined them here and there throughout the book. I've read quite a few family/parenting books in the 30+ years I've been a parent and this one didn't stand out for me. It was okay and maybe would appeal to a younger dad, mom or care giver but it wasn't a fascinating (to say the least) read for me. 

One thing though, shared in the pages of this book should be shouted from the top of every parent's roof top: 

"When does your 'help' hurt your kids? When you do things they can do for themselves." 

We've parented both ways ... not helping our kids with what they could do themselves and helping too much. The former is surely the better way. 

I didn't learn to survive and thrive when I've managed it from what my mom did for me but I have been empowered from what she expected me to do without her help. This is a great lesson the book shares more on. 

Another great point shared by this author is to let children learn from their own consequences. Instead of getting frustrated, nagging, and/or complaining over having to pay for their actions... don't. Let them wear dirty clothes if they don't get them to the laundry and/or deal with school discipline if they forget an assignment. Don't take away from your time to fix it. Trust me, some of us need every single second of the school day to do what ever it is we need to do! 

In case it sounds like I am telling you what to do... please know I'm not. I wouldn't do that to you for it would imply that I am a shining example to follow. I have both been successful in this area and failed beyond miserably. The one thing I did right and strongly encourage anyone who will listen is... I prayed for God to teach and train my kids in spite of my failures... that is worth repeating! 

I received this book from Tyndale Publishers at no cost in exchange for an honest review. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fast Metabolism Food RX by Haylie Pomroy

This book was filled with so much information and the content was so thorough, I read it in slabs of time. Usually, I would read a chapter in the early mornings after my quiet time routine. I felt I was learning from start to finish and it was almost like having a course in health without the classes! 

There are lots of questions in the first several pages to help the reader learn where he/she is health wise. From there, Haylie Pomroy gives great insight on metabolism from the simplicity of it being what your body does with the food you eat to and through metabolic pathways. Don't worry - if some of that sounds as big to you as it did to me... explanations are rich and resplendent for each and every topic shared. 

Fast Metabolism Food RX takes you through a checklist to see what your body is telling you. This helps one figure out the best healing path to take. 

Along with an amazing amount of sound teaching are recipes I am really looking forward to trying. I think my firsts will be: Green Smoothie, Slow Turkey Chili (for my husband and son and I will substitute turkey with mushrooms!) and Vegetarian Bean Soup. 

This book really supercharged me and I was ready to dive back into healthy eating before I finished reading! 

Two quotes from this fact filled book:
"Don't be afraid to dance again, to love again, to trust again. Don't be afraid to view your body as healthy and vibrant and alive." 

"Find new websites, and apps, and online food sources that serve you. Embrace cooking." 

Harmony Books sent me a hard copy of this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

Regret-Free Living by Stephen Arterburn

This book is filled with truth to offer solid ways to have no regrets (or fewer of them) in almost any relationship.

"The reason so many people have such a problem comprehending the toxicity of their own resentment is that resentment seethes at a person's deepest level. It lies festering and slowly rolling away beneath everything its host does, says, and thinks."

The above shared quote really spoke to me for I have been on or seen both sides of resentment. I have watched others poison their entire lives with the resentment they held for someone and I have felt it myself and been consumed by it.

The entire book shares strong ways of not allowing negative emotions and thoughts hold you hostage. When we live with a clean conscious, regrets lose their power.

Stephen Aterburn shares the need to assess the good and bad relationships in your life ... to carefully look at them.  He suggests taking input from friends on your strengths and weaknesses in their relationships with you and to survey the relationship history. Reflect on where things have gone wrong in those where there is a break or problem.

From that place in the book, I found myself underlying entire paragraphs of information, which challenged me, made me look deeper into my heart and taught me a great deal.

Some of the highlights this book gives: I'm adding the actual chapter titles, my notes and some of the author's quotes from each section.

* Acknowledging your responsibility. Assess the wrong you've done according to the standards of Jesus.

* Stop the bleeding. Withdraw. Step back. Take a second look.

* When It's Not Getting Better. Before letting go, do everything you can to make it right. "To lose your dignity means to betray yourself.  And you never feel any regret as deeply as that of having betrayed your own self."

It is hard to narrow down all this book shares. Do yourself a favor and take the time to read the book yourself ... it is overflowing with rich truth to help in all life's relationships!

I'll close with what Mr. Arterburn gives as Six Qualities of a Happy, Regret-Free Relationship

1. Affection.
2. Respect.
3. Shared Values.
4. Honesty.
5. Trust.
6. Freedom to be.

I am so glad I read this book and will likely refer others to read it in the future.

This book was sent to me from Bethany House publishers in exchange for my honest review.