Monday, December 12, 2011

Lovely and heart touching

I was thrilled with a chance to review a copy of Delvier Me and started reading it the day I got the book. I wasn't disappointed. Even though I was able to connect to a lot of the people sharing because I was a teen mom (unplanned) myself, I also found myself relating to the women helping these girls. I have had a desire to reach out myself and this book really fed that down the road dream.

The book is a compilation of true stories and I actually enjoyed reading them as they were submitted because it showed things in a real way. Sometimes, we can "fix" or "gloss" things up with editing and a sense of the way things were can be lost.
Deliver Me shared story after story (along with interesting statistics) of stories starting in desperation and ending in peace.

I do believe this book would be a valuable read for someone facing an unplanned pregnancy and for anyone working with women in such positions.

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The book was sent to me at no charge for me to review in return. I was so glad to have been given this chance!