Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Somewhere to Belong

This is my first Judith Miller book and it reminded me (in a small way) to one of all time favorite authors, Lauraine Snelling.

The story focuses mainly on two teen girls around the same age who have led very different lives before they meet. Berta comes from a bigger city life of luxury to Johanna's world of hard work and secluded simplicity.
The first comes to a religious village thinking of it as a lovely vacation spot and the latter has lived her entire life there.

I enjoyed this book and liked reading of the hard work done on with a steady routine each and every day. It was delicious to read of the foods made in the big kitchen and served restaurant style for three scheduled meals a day.

It was nice to imagine being there and pretending to be among the characters ... seeing what they were seeing and processing their emotions. When I finished this book, I felt comforted and happy and that was just what I needed!

Bethany House Publishers sent this book free of charge with the request for an honest review posted of the book. I love this company!

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