Monday, December 6, 2010

Leaving Yesterday

Review: Leaving Yesterday by Kathryn Cushman

A novel about a mother who has experienced grief, loss, and heartache for her two sons.
This mother suffers the loss of one son and finds out her other son is a possible murder suspect after he has spent considerable time away from family and home. Paths were separated due to the son's severe drug addiction.

The effects are shown on the whole family (there are other contributing factors, of course) and the main character here reveals what can happen when she pretends all is well when it simply isn't. Many Christian women, including this writer --- can relate to presenting things the way they should be instead of how they actually are.
The path seems safer that way ... but is it?
This story shows how it can look on the other side of the truth and makes you ask... "What would I do?"

My honest regard for this book is that I didn't really enjoy it. I had a hard time getting into it and an even harder time connecting with the characters ... especially the main one. Even though I am one who feels I must finish any book I start, I had to push myself hard to finish this one and I only did so because I got it to read and review.

Almost the entire book is a record of the main character's endless thoughts and her constant dragging through of assuming the worst seemed endless.

She came across as self focused --- constantly worrying about what others would think. The thing is, she never showed much care for any of them unless they were doing something concerning herself.
I am glad to be done with this book.
Everything was just too?
Perfect, perhaps?
I know the thought was to present someone who seemed perfect in every way who did less than perfect things when faced with hardship. I guess she really was too perfect for me to relate with. She was excellent at her job, at speaking, at writing, at motherhood, in appearance, with a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood.
In all of that, though --- she did nothing for anyone even once that I recall other than for her own family and visiting a neighbor who did more for her anyway.

Maybe this would go over better with someone more like the main character who I cannot even recall the name of. I am usually not so harsh with my book reviews but I will end this with one of the strong points being the point that "dirty" and bad things can go on in the best looking families. It also leaves me with the hope that I will have compassion on the woman I see who seems to have it all ... knowing the battle she might be having in keeping that pretense up for everyone in her life.

Bethany House sent this book to me at no charge so I could read and review it. Love this publishing company!

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