Sunday, March 14, 2010

Watch Over Me by Christa Parrish

This book was about a marriage, learning and living through relationships and touches on small town community.

Benjamin takes a job as a deputy after returning from serving time in Afghanistan and his wife, Abbi, is a stay at home wife. The two are very, very different in belief and lifestyle and struggle for their strengths and weaknesses to compliment each other instead of tearing into their bond as husband and wife.

They take in a newborn baby after Ben rescues the abandoned infant and she becomes a huge part in their attempt at healing.

Matthew is a character I tried to hurry through at first so I could get back to the marriage story but that totally changed by the end of the book. I felt he was one of the main characters by the end of the book and I loved him.

Sometimes, I felt I had to force myself through some of this book. I did have a lot going on making me stop and start more than I would have liked. Over all, it was not page turning great but definitely chapter turning good.

I loved the one interaction shared between the Mother in Law and Abbi and felt it was a very "real" scene. Some other places in the book gripped me ---like the interaction between Abbi and her friend, Lauren and the one between Ben and his best friend's parents.

I also cried when I read about that best friend, Stephen. My son served in Afghanistan and came home to a wife and a lot of this book is very similar to how things have gone with them. It hit very close to home . . .

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