Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fast Metabolism Food RX by Haylie Pomroy

This book was filled with so much information and the content was so thorough, I read it in slabs of time. Usually, I would read a chapter in the early mornings after my quiet time routine. I felt I was learning from start to finish and it was almost like having a course in health without the classes! 

There are lots of questions in the first several pages to help the reader learn where he/she is health wise. From there, Haylie Pomroy gives great insight on metabolism from the simplicity of it being what your body does with the food you eat to and through metabolic pathways. Don't worry - if some of that sounds as big to you as it did to me... explanations are rich and resplendent for each and every topic shared. 

Fast Metabolism Food RX takes you through a checklist to see what your body is telling you. This helps one figure out the best healing path to take. 

Along with an amazing amount of sound teaching are recipes I am really looking forward to trying. I think my firsts will be: Green Smoothie, Slow Turkey Chili (for my husband and son and I will substitute turkey with mushrooms!) and Vegetarian Bean Soup. 

This book really supercharged me and I was ready to dive back into healthy eating before I finished reading! 

Two quotes from this fact filled book:
"Don't be afraid to dance again, to love again, to trust again. Don't be afraid to view your body as healthy and vibrant and alive." 

"Find new websites, and apps, and online food sources that serve you. Embrace cooking." 

Harmony Books sent me a hard copy of this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

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