Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama Plan

The Trim Healthy Mama Plan is a beautiful book and it has simplified things a lot from the original, Trim Healthy Mama book.

I have this thing about reading every single page of every book I review and this includes cook books. This is a thorough read and filled to overflowing with pages. Had I not been reviewing,  I may have sipped it more like a tea rather than the gulping down like one of the delicious drinks in the cookbook I reviewed recently.

It still isn't commonly clear to me how to balance S meals (Satisfying) and E meals (Energizing) and Fuel pulls, Crossovers, and so on are not second nature to my diet. All of those are finally making sense and I'm grasping more of how they work the more I read!

The main point of the entire book is the same as the original and is found on page 18 of this book:

"Your body does not burn both fats and carbs at the same time. When you eat a meal, you must always burn the carbs in the meal first."

This idea is explained in deep detail and I loved seeing meal builders - a quick way to see how to pull together which ever meal you are having.

I really liked a lot in this book but I will highlight a few of my favorites:

* It is important to space S to E meals as well as E to S meals 2 1/2 to 3 hours apart. This may not make sense reading it here. . . it sure hasn't to me until now ... but the spacing is excellent even for regular meals. I'm on thyroid medicine and when I discussed my weight gain with my doctor, he gave me some ideas to help me safely lose weight and one important thing was to space eating three hours apart.
* Chapter 12, Thirsty Mama shares a good deal on what drinks are good and those not so good. This is important because it is important to stay hydrated but most drinks are as many calories as meals. There is a more nourishing way and this book shares it!
* The authors place an importance on nurturing your body and your life. They mention (more than once) to allow grace and to not stress.

I'm not on the full Trim Healthy Mama Plan but I am using a good deal of it and I will just see how things go from here!

Harmony Books sent this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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