Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Best Green Drinks Ever

Best Green Drinks Ever by Katrine Van Wyk

I love this book so far!
I have been reading and am really looking forward to trying the green drinks - all 125 pages of them.

The author shares lots of lovelies in this pretty and perfectly sized book. I find myself tossing it in my tote bag to read and flip through on the go.
The book gives a brief list of equipment to have, a section on greens, add in's like superfoods and a page on natural sweeteners.
On your way to the recipes, you will find time savers, money-saving tips, and smoothie bases. Once you get to the recipes, they are organized by type. Seek out juices and/or smoothies from detoxing to energizing.

I'm not getting anything for this review. My sister gifted it to me from a thrift store but after having it a few weeks, I would likely purchase this!

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