Thursday, August 27, 2009

My actual first book review!

Sorry. I thought the Daisy Chain review was my first review (and it is of that kind) but I did see this on and realized I wrote it first. Just letting you know!

Wrapping It Up is on my top shelf of favorite cookbooks and has been since I got it several months ago.

The questions I had on making my own wraps were answered in the book from start to finish!
I read this entire book before picking up another and found it helpful in so many ways!

Just to name a few:

* Wrapper Ingredients shares the whats and whys of the easy to understand basics you'll need to start. There is more than a page of add in ideas and tips!

* Vital tips to wrap making are neatly bulleted and instructions for making them by hand and by mixer are included. This was important for me because I'm feeding anywhere from our family (easy to make up something by hand) all the way to 10 other families (definitely could use the mixing help) and both ways are easily explained.

* The information on what to do after the dough has been made is clear, easy to read, and easy to follow with book in hand. So much so, I'm using this book to teach my 13 year old daughter and both daughters-in-love how to make flour tortillas and/or other wraps themselves! It is only a couple of pages back and front but that is all it takes.

The ideas of ways to use the wraps you make sound so delcious ... you can't wait to try them. I have a goal to try EVER

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